Ferngrove is working with G World Group to build a complete electronic pedigree (E-pedigree) solution for the agricultural industry. We are focusing on the specific wine supply chain and export from Australia to China.
It is envisaged the new solution will enhance the “ChAFTA” commitment to help facilitate electronic commerce and trade through a streamlined customs and logistics process.
A major benefit of this solution will be a new “anti-counterfeit” framework that can be applied for authentic producers.
G World Group is working with Ferngrove and Thinfilm in a field trial following the launch at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, that will take the “proof of concept” to a commercial application. This application includes multiple integrated technologies to create “realtime” authentication of products within their supply chain.
The outcomes from the field trial are expected to be of significant value to authentic producers and to consumers that want authentic products.
The 6 month trial, commencing Q3/Q4 2015 will take a phased approach and involve key stakeholders within the agricultural and technology industries.
One of the key aspects is the development of the world’s first wine Anti-Counterfeit Tag and system to be seamlessly incorporated into the current logistics of bottling, labelling and packaging for export.
Thinfilm are providing their OpenSense tag and G World Group will provide the “eco-system” with protocols for authorized devices* for data and logistics control.
Important Note: * Authorized device is a device equipped with a Ferngrove or G world APP enabling interrogation of the label. This authorized device is not limited to a smartphone.


  • Date : April 18, 2014
  • Tags : FOOD & BEVERAGE